Aug 05 2015

Who actually listens to voicemail anyway?

Apple is supposedly working on a feature in iOS10 that will transcribe voicemail messages via Siri and then deliver them as text messages. Because everybody HATES checking their voicemail, right? I pretty much NEVER do it … because 1) it’s a pain-in-the-@$$ and B) it costs me call minutes to do it.

I *thought* getting an iPhone was going to eliminate some of the hassle because of its “visual voicemail” feature, which allowed you to pick and choose which messages you wanted to listen to rather than having to navigate the usual automated menu. But to my great disappointment, visual voicemail wasn’t offered by my Swedish network carrier, and once it did become available, there was an extra charge for it. (See point B above.)

Here’s  a link to the Mashable article describing the feature Apple developers are working on.

You may never have to listen to another voicemail again, thanks to Siri

I pretty much solved this problem a long time ago by just being frank in my outgoing voicemail message, which goes something like this:

“Hi! I can’t answer my phone right now and I rarely listen to voicemail, so if you need to leave a message, please send me a text. In any case, I will return your call as soon as possible. Thanks!”

Problem solved.

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