Aug 18 2015

But can I justify a monthly trip to London?

Since moving to Sweden, I’ve had the great fortune … or more accurately, the incredible luxury … to visit the amazing city of London on a fairly regular basis.

Though I’ve never actually kept count, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Dr. Darling and I get there (the place where we first met in-person, by the way) at least once a year for fun … a little more often for me if factoring in business trips. We were there for Easter this past Spring for example, and will be going again for a long weekend in mid-November to see the lovely and hysterical Dawn French in her one-woman live comedy show.

But this week I learned that, “Carol”,  the movie adaptation of Patricia Highsmith‘s novel “The Price of Salt“, will be screened at the London Film Festival in mid-October … a full 10 weeks before it premiers in Sweden … and suddenly I’m wondering if I can get away with scheduling a 3rd visit.

If you love Cate Blanchett,  period films and simmering below-the-radar Sapphic romance as much as I do … you’ll understand why I’d seriously consider buying a plane ticket in order to see the movie ASAP. Or, if you’re not sure you’re into any of those things, just watch the trailer:

Besides … it’s a trip to LONDON.

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