Aug 21 2015

Some rules are made to be broken …

… and some toys are definitely earned.

I broke one of my cardinal personal technology rules this week. The one that says DO NOT PURCHASE THE 1ST GENERATION OF ANY NEW GADGET. But in my defense, if one is going to buy the 1st generation of a new high-tech product, getting one from Apple is usually a fairly safe bet.

I have been lusting after an Apple Watch ever since it was first released last spring. I’m a bit of a watch collector going back to my university days, something I always attributed to the fact that for many years it was the only piece of jewelry I consistently wore … so naturally I needed to be able to change it up once in a while. My Apple FanGurl cred runs long and deep, and when you mix in my general love of techno-gadgetry, it was pretty much just a matter of time before I’d figure out a way to convince my thrifty Swede that I needed to have one.


New job splurge!

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It also helped that the Alpha Geek came home from a U.S. business trip with one a few months ago. In addition to providing us with a hands-on demonstration of all the really cool things an Apple Watch can do, he was able to testify with some authority on the fact that he spends less time looking at his iPhone when wearing the watch. That factor alone was probably enough to wear down Dr. Darling‘s reservations about my getting one.

Then there’s the matter of my having recently secured a new job with a significantly higher salary that I will start this fall, and I actually had a pretty good reason to treat myself to something special  like a shiny new piece of tech.

Of course the Apple Watch model I chose (42 mm Sport in Space Gray aluminum) is not sold with the color of wristband I preferred (Apple never fails to find new ways to get people to part with money), so I had to buy the two items separately to get the combination I wanted. But hey, if you’re going to splurge, you might as well go ALL IN.  😉

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