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Sep 29 2015

Kim Davis goes Gilbert & Sullivan

This brilliant parody set to the tune of “I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General” will appeal to all the word geeks and musical theater lovers among my 14 faithful readers. It’s pretty much perfectly perfect. But somehow I doubt Rowan County Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis would get it.

Sep 27 2015

Duct tape 1, IKEA 0


Anybody who’s ever assembled a piece of IKEA furniture will appreciate this video featuring actor Ryan Reynolds. I take this as further proof that duct tape can pretty much solve any kind assembly or repair problem. Maybe IKEA should consider including a small roll of it along with the infinite number of bolt, nuts, screws …

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Sep 23 2015

Ariana Grande is pretty grand, especially when she’s Celine


I have this vague idea that I’m not supposed to like Ariana Grande. A quick glance of her Wikipedia entry shows she was a child star on Broadway and then a Nickelodeon TV series. She’s released a couple of album that have done pretty well in the U.S. I also remember hearing something about an …

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Sep 20 2015

Romancing Taylor Schilling

Shazzer: I had a really weird dream this morning. Dr. Darling: Was I in it? Shazzer: Yes. But you were being played by Taylor Schilling.   Dr. Darling: Who’s Taylor Schilling? Shazzer: Piper from “Orange is the New Black.” Dr. Darling: I thought you were into Alex. Shazzer: It wasn’t THAT kind of dream. In fact, the whole thing centered …

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Sep 15 2015

Not making my case for fish or left-overs


Like many long-term couples, Dr. Darling and I have a number running jokes between us, one of which centers around my years-long campaign to try to get her to eat fish … specifically salmon. Swedes are a seriously fish-eating people … they serve 8 different kinds of pickled herring for every holiday, I kid you …

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Sep 10 2015

#TBT to a time when you had to be able to sing to have a hit record


I rarely take part in the “Throwback Thursday” internet meme, primarily because I just can’t handle yet another deadline. But then a former radio colleague dropped an item about an upcoming appearance of the Canadian band Chilliwack into my Facebook news feed yesterday, and I thought to myself, “Hmmmm … I remember something about that …

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Sep 07 2015

Sometimes klutziness is convenient


Dr. Darling is the sort of pragmatist for which the phrase, “If it an’t broke, don’t fix it.” was coined … had it been coined in Swedish, of course. Which is why she’s basically been trying to wear out our blender for years. It was a gift from one of her parents many moons ago and …

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