Sep 07 2015

Sometimes klutziness is convenient

Dr. Darling is the sort of pragmatist for which the phrase, “If it an’t broke, don’t fix it.” was coined … had it been coined in Swedish, of course.

Which is why she’s basically been trying to wear out our blender for years. It was a gift from one of her parents many moons ago and is therefore lacking a major feature we would have insisted on had we bought it ourselves … namely, a motor/blade/pitcher combination strong enough to blitz ice into the proper texture for frozen adult beverages.

So our low-power, made-primarily-of-plastic blender has only ever been used for smoothies and the occasional batch of bullet-proof coffee, and since 1) I’m not a huge fan of either one of those concoctions, and B) the Swede takes immaculate care of pretty much everything we own, we’ve gotten a lot more mileage out of it than we probably should have. (As an aside, this has also been a contributing factor to the Gin & Tonic becoming the “official house cocktail” of the Penthouse-Nordic over the frozen margarita.)

So you can imagine my delight in receiving the following text message from the Swede:

“The blender is broken! :^) Sadly I only discovered it after I’d filled it with stuff for a smoothie. Need to figure out what to do about this …”

Which continued thusly:

Shazz: You finally trashed it?! Congratulations! Now we can buy a commercial-grade one that will do frozen maggies!

Dr. D: I actually think it was YOUR doing.

Shazz: How do you figure that? I’m not even there!

Dr. D: When you put the pitcher half back on the base yesterday and I told you I was done blending, you didn’t twist it enough before lifting if off again. I heard a little ‘snap’ but didn’t think much about it at the time. But that move broke off a crucial part … so thank YOU for your usual reckless ways! ;^)

Shazz: Seriously?! It must have been a very small crucial part that wasn’t very strong to begin with, because there was absolutely zero resistance when I GENTLY lifted it off the base!

Dr. D: Yes, it’s quite small. A little plastic pin that signals to the motor in the base that the pitcher is properly attached. I have moved the contents to the food processor now. It worked so so …

Shazz: Is it fixable?

Dr. D: I don’t think so. Too small to glue, and I can’t get the broken pin out of the hole in the base unit.

Shazz: BUMMER! ;^) Or perhaps I should say, YOU’RE WELCOME!


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