Sep 10 2015

#TBT to a time when you had to be able to sing to have a hit record

I rarely take part in the “Throwback Thursday” internet meme, primarily because I just can’t handle yet another deadline. But then a former radio colleague dropped an item about an upcoming appearance of the Canadian band Chilliwack into my Facebook news feed yesterday, and I thought to myself, “Hmmmm … I remember something about that band,”  but I didn’t recognize the song in the video he had included in the post.

Naturally, some Googling ensued … and I very quickly found the Chilliwack song I knew (and loved) and hadn’t heard in ages. Needless to say, “My Girl (Gone, Gone, Gone)” has been playing in my head ever since, and the timing made for a fairly effortless #ThrowbackThursday blog post.

If you were a young person in the early 80’s, or if you just appreciate a well-constructed pop song sung well (with tight harmony!), this should really ring your bell. (And why it didn’t make the “Gone Girl” movie soundtrack in some fashion is beyond me. 😉 )

I chose this particular video for the sound quality … which is a lot better than some of the grainy TV performances you can find on YouTube. So TURN IT UP LOUD!

And for you youngsters … the technology shown here is called an LP (long-play vinyl record) on a record player. (Damn, I’m old.)

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