Sep 15 2015

Not making my case for fish or left-overs

Like many long-term couples, Dr. Darling and I have a number running jokes between us, one of which centers around my years-long campaign to try to get her to eat fish … specifically salmon.

Swedes are a seriously fish-eating people … they serve 8 different kinds of pickled herring for every holiday, I kid you not. I’m pretty sure you can lose your citizenship for not eating fish in this country. But it seems my Swede decided she didn’t like fish as a child and has sworn off seafood ever since … the exception being boiled shrimp, and only then when it’s surrounded by sushi rice and drenched in wasabi-infused soy sauce.

Her refusal to eat any other kind of seafood has always limited our dinner options, which is even more of a pity considering we live in a coastal city where fresh fish is available pretty much all year-round. My mission to get her to try salmon began shortly after I moved here and discovered how tasty it was myself. Plus I actually know quite a few people who do not consider themselves big fans of fish but still happily eat salmon.

But so far, the only success I’ve had is to extract a promise from her to eat salmon if I catch the fish myself, gut it, filet it and cook it over an open fire ala British bushcraft specialist Ray Mears, who demonstrated the technique on an episode of his Extreme Survival TV show we watched once.

Naturally I interpret this to mean that the Swede figures she’s NEVER going to have to eat salmon.

And then I came across this video of President Obama, who met up with British outdoor adventurer Bear Grylls during his recent visit to Alaska. In the video below you can see the leader of the free world partaking of some wild salmon that had initially been caught and partially eaten by a real bear.

This breathed new life to our ongoing our salmon debate, but with the added element of “left-overs” … another thing that Dr. Darling is not too keen to eat. (I blame this on her many years of training as a microbiologist.) The argument usually goes something like this:

Shazzer: “Cooked food that is cooled quickly and stored properly is perfectly safe to eat a day or two afterward … and I have proven it over and over again by virtue of having never poisoned myself by eating left-overs.”

Dr. Darling: “That we know of.”

But now, at least, I have managed to extract a 2nd promise from her to eat salmon if I scavenge it from an actual bear, then clean it, filet it and cook it over an open fire. I’m kind of starting to think she’s not taking this whole salmon thing very seriously.

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