Oct 07 2015

Coming up for some air & a cappella

I’m mid-way through my  first full week at my new job, which is has been awesomely exciting and awesomely exhausting at the same time. My brain is about 10 years older than the last time I had to learn so much new stuff all at once … and I don’t have a lot of energy left over for blogging at the moment.

But I think I can muster enough focus to share this amazing cover of Beyonce’s “Pretty Hurts” that you will want to listen to on repeat. Collegiate a cappella is so hot right now, and with performances like this one by James Madison University‘s Note-ariety, it’s no surprise. There is some major talent on display here, not to mention the hours of rehearsal required to sing this well. Seriously, when the hell do these gals have time to go to classes? ENJOY!

I’ll bet Beyonce LOVES this as much as I do.

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