Oct 13 2015

Somebody’s taking customer service seriously

I realize that I’m still in the “honeymoon phase” with my new employer, but if today’s experience with the IT HelpDesk is any indication, I’m pretty confident that I can look forward to a VERY happy marriage.

First off, I thought it was a fairly good sign that I was nearly 9 days into the new job before I had a technical issue that required an IT support ticket. I was trying to procure some software from the self-service portal that handles such things, but the installation appeared to have failed.

So I logged a support ticket explaining what had happened (or what didn’t happen in this case) and got the usual automated e-mail confirming that IT had received my request. Less than an hour later, I discovered it was a case of “user error.” It seems I had accidentally opened the install window twice and was trying to trigger the installation from the one that was “inactive.” (And before you decide that I’m a total technological idiot … I was using an extended desktop shared between my laptop and a brand new 24-inch monitor for the first time today and had lost the “active” window between the two screens.)

I then managed to get the software installed and was  actually typing out a message to the HelpDesk saying they could close my support ticket when my phone rings … and it’s A REAL LIVE PERSON FROM IT! Not only that, the guy was actually on site instead of somewhere in India. I can’t remember the last time I got to speak directly to an IT support technician … especially one who CALLED ME. He even asked if there was anything else he could help me with before hanging up. I thought the only place where one could get that kind of personal attention from an IT organization was at a Silicon Valley start-up. Several hours later I’m still experiencing a bit of shock and awe from the incident.

Or did I just DREAM IT??????


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  1. mstibbs

    Wow! I’m impressed. Guess you made the right move.

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