Oct 27 2015

Even sitting governors have to abide the Quiet Car Rules

As a fairly regular train-rider, I cannot express how delighted I have been by the news going around the internet of Chris Christie getting asked to leave the Quiet Car of an Amtrak train last weekend.

Evidently the current New Jersey governor and Republican presidential candidate boarded an Amtrak train rather loudly on Sunday morning (reports say he was yelling at two aides about a seating mix-up), parked himself in the Quiet Car and then proceeded to a take a call on his mobile phone.

This is a MAJOR NO-NO … the whole point of the Quiet Car is to give weary commuters a place where they don’t have to listen to half of other people’s phone conversations. To Christie’s credit, he reportedly left the minute the conductor informed him of where he was … which left me wondering … are Amtrak’s Quiet Cars difficult to distinguish from the regular ones? Because that often seems to be the case with the local variant … which always surprises me because it’s separated from the rest of the rest of the train car by a sliding glass door (as is Business/1st Class) and there are signs on the walls.

In any case, kudos to the conductor for telling Governor Bullying Blowhard that he needed to take his phone conversation elsewhere. If you missed the story, here are some of the most entertaining write-ups about it.

What Chris Christie learned in the quiet car

The Lies the Quiet Car Tells

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