Nov 08 2015

13 years later, Sweden discovers Half & Half

It has always amused me that “The Land of 9 Different Grades of Cream” has nothing resembling my beloved Half & Half in its grocery store dairy cases. I basically had to mix up my own version until I switched to heavy whipping cream in my coffee in the summer of 2014.

But recently, the Swedish dairy Arla started selling the product in the photo … which translates literally to “cream-milk.” Though my follow-up research has revealed that the Swedish version contains half the fat that Half & Half does … which means I’d still be mixing my own if I were still using it in coffee.

So I will have to wait until I’m in the U.S. for Christmas to get some real Half & Half, but now I supposed I have to start referring to Sweden as “The Land of 10 Different Grades of Cream.”

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