Nov 11 2015

More reasons to love Justin Trudeau

On the heels of announcing that his cabinet would be 50% female “because it’s 2015”, Canada‘s new dynamic young Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is winning the internet all over again by appearing in a photo with a colleague’s adorable twin toddlers.

Of course politicians scoring family values points by holding babies is not in any way new or dynamic … except in this case the colleague just happens to be the longest-serving gay member of Canada’s parliament, Liberal Scott Brison, whose husband is also in the photo (in the white shirt).


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (far right) with Liberal MP Scott Brison (center) and his husband, Maxime St. Pierre, with the couple’s twin daughters.

I’ve often heard people in the U.S. say that LGBTQ Americans and their families won’t gain full societal acceptance until the older generation of socially conservative elected leaders retires or dies off. I think Canada is showing its southern neighbor exactly what that’s going to look like.

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