Nov 13 2015

London-bound because we’re really old

Dr. Darling and I are headed to the city where we met in-person for the first time around this time of year back in 2000. It’s an anniversary that we tend to space, but this time we actually have tickets to see Dawn French‘s one-woman show “30 Million Minutes” … which is kind of special since it was Dawn French and her long-time comedy partner Jennifer Saunders who brought us independently to London 15 years ago.

Because it’s such an easy trip from southern Sweden, we usually get over there at least once a year … and those trips tend to involve French & Saunders one way or another whenever possible. We actually managed to meet Jennifer on one visit and tell her that she was instrumental in getting us together. Since we’re seeing Dawn at a Saturday matinee, I doubt we’ll hang out at the stage door afterward (been there, done that … don’t need a reputation as stalkers).

But somehow in all the planning, organizing and ticket buying for the trip … I somehow totally missed the fact that we would be flying on Friday the 13th. Good thing neither one of us is superstitious … much.

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  1. Ed

    I remember those Vicar of Dibley days, and the first time you went over to see Dawn French!

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