Nov 25 2015

Is there a message here?

In the past few weeks, I have been gifted two different paracord bracelets by two different people who know me in two very different contexts.

The first one came from the Alpha Geek … father of my youngest Goddaughter and one of my oldest and dearest Swedish friends. He knows our interest in the outdoors and fashion preferences well, so when he came across a good deal on paracord bracelets with flint fire starters built into the buckle, he bought a camouflage green one for me and a black one for Dr. Darling. It was a very thoughtful surprise that will make a fine addition to our extensive collection of bike touring/camping gear.

Flash forward to this morning, when a colleague at my new company who knows very little about me at this stage of our relationship, announced that she had started a new hobby and promptly presented me with a paracord bracelet that she had made herself. And this one will match pretty much ANY outfit.


Surprise handmade gift from a crafty colleague!

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Another lovely surprise that I am sure to wear regularly even when I’m not bike touring or camping.

But now I’m kind of wondering why two different people, unknown to and independent of each other, thought I needed to have a decent length of military-grade parachute cord with me at all times.  😉

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