Apr 14 2016

Bogarting the coffee

English: A photo of a cup of coffee. Esperanto...

English: A photo of a cup of coffee. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had an epiphany this morning. I realized that I drink coffee … especially the 1st cup in the morning … the way many people smoke weed. I hold each sip in my mouth for several seconds (sometimes much longer) before swallowing it. Seems I’ve been doing it for years and just never gave it much thought.

But this morning, while standing in the closet in my underwear (it’s a walk-in just off our dining room that stores/conceals a whole bunch of frequently used stuff in addition to a portion of my wardrobe, such as it is), I was suddenly aware that I had a massive mouthful of coffee. And it had been there since I took a big glug from the mug parked on one of the dressers in our bedroom on the other side of the apartment.

Does anybody else do this or am I as weird as I think I am? Is it because that first cup of the day, usually made by Dr. Darling and lovingly left in a thermos for me, is so delicious? Am I trying to make the experience of it last as long as possible? Or am I just lazy about swallowing at that hour of the morning?

Whatever the reason, I can say with absolutely certainty that savoring a big mouthful of coffee while standing around in your underwear doesn’t make it any easier to decide what to wear.

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