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  1. Berith

    OK! Berith

  2. It's me... tope.

    I have bestowed upon you the Versatile Blogger Award! Please stop by here to pick it up! http://clitoratti.me/wordpress/?p=462

  3. AtomB

    Hej Shazzer–Fellow Malmö ex-pats here. I think we’re practically neighbors—i was at Mido Livs pretty early this morning too. Stop by our store sometime and say hi.–Alayna and Adam @ Double Standard

    1. Shazzer

      Cool! I work in that neighborhood! How are you faring here on the Swedish Riviera?

  4. Mary Ballard-Johansson

    Hej! I’m coming to Malmö in April. By train, of course. Please tell me Starbucks is still open? Do you know of DASweden? If so, that is why I’m coming down. If not, I can fill you in. (It’s political, not religious or business.)

    1. Shazzer

      It’s still open, Mary, so you will have no trouble getting your fix! I am not familiar with DASweden but shoot e an e-mail if you want to share some details.

      1. Mary Ballard-Johansson

        DASweden stands for Democrats Abroad Sweden. We are active mostly in encouraging Americans living here to register to vote, and then actually voting. Democratic, of course. We also like to participate in activities that follow along Democratic issues, such as gay rights, woman’s issues, economic issues, etc. The meeting in Malmö is on April 5th. If you are interested in joining, let me know. I can set you up, as I am Secretary for DAS. We can talk on April 4th, if you want to meet me at the train station. Let me know your interest and I’ll send on the information! Great to know of other progressives here!

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