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Apr 14 2016

Bogarting the coffee


I had an epiphany this morning. I realized that I drink coffee … especially the 1st cup in the morning … the way many people smoke weed. I hold each sip in my mouth for several seconds (sometimes much longer) before swallowing it. Seems I’ve been doing it for years and just never gave it …

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Oct 03 2015

Lovely look at Sweden year-round


Sometimes I still can’t believe I actually live here. A year in Sweden from Sweden on Vimeo. Related articles Great view of my Swedish home city by bike Volvo’s version of Sweden in winter will stir your soul

Sep 20 2015

Romancing Taylor Schilling

Shazzer: I had a really weird dream this morning. Dr. Darling: Was I in it? Shazzer: Yes. But you were being played by Taylor Schilling.   Dr. Darling: Who’s Taylor Schilling? Shazzer: Piper from “Orange is the New Black.” Dr. Darling: I thought you were into Alex. Shazzer: It wasn’t THAT kind of dream. In fact, the whole thing centered …

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Sep 15 2015

Not making my case for fish or left-overs


Like many long-term couples, Dr. Darling and I have a number running jokes between us, one of which centers around my years-long campaign to try to get her to eat fish … specifically salmon. Swedes are a seriously fish-eating people … they serve 8 different kinds of pickled herring for every holiday, I kid you …

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Sep 07 2015

Sometimes klutziness is convenient


Dr. Darling is the sort of pragmatist for which the phrase, “If it an’t broke, don’t fix it.” was coined … had it been coined in Swedish, of course. Which is why she’s basically been trying to wear out our blender for years. It was a gift from one of her parents many moons ago and …

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Aug 15 2015

Her turn to take one for the team


Titanium wedding rings have been in the news lately, and based on the image that NPR chose to use with their article (click the photo read it), I’m guessing there has been a surge in their popularity connected to same-sex marriage. And if this is indeed the case, it means that for once in our lives, Dr. …

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Aug 02 2015

Train-ride stance

Taken during a road trip to Halmstad to celebrate our youngest niece’s birthday. And no, the semi-matching watches are NOT on purpose.  😉  Dr. Darling’s Suunto was a gift from her family upon earning her Ph.D. Mine is a solar-powered Casio because I’m too lazy to wind a watch or change its batteries.   Train-riding stance …

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