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Feb 20 2015

So much for my imperviousness to cold & flu season


As a general rule, I’m a really healthy person. I rarely catch whatever bug is going around, even when Dr. Darling brings it home. In fact, it’s kind of a running joke between us that contagious diseases only travel one-way in our house. Not too long ago, I was bragging to some colleagues about how I had not …

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Jan 26 2015

2015 MalmöMilen = no longer “optional”


Last summer I ran my very first (and only) 10K race. And I’m using the term “race”  very loosely here. For me, the only race involved was against the event crew responsible for disassembling the finish line timing system. I had been challenged to run it the summer before by my friend and then soon-to-be …

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Jan 22 2015

Delusions of Feline


I don’t know about you, but I seem to dream most vividly right before I wake up in the morning. Or sometimes, AFTER I believe I’ve already woken up. Take this morning, for example. I *thought* I was awake and thinking about a list of tasks that I wanted to remember to handle later in the …

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Jan 17 2015

The clean pants shuffle


Dr. Darling and I have a long-established and fairly functional division of labor when it comes to household chores around the Penthouse Nordic. And we have had, up until this point, a particularly good system for the laundry. The deal is that I do laundry on the Saturdays when she works, and she does it …

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Jan 13 2015

In case anybody needs a gift idea for me …


  It’s also available as a sweatshirt, coffee mug and a bumper sticker, but I don’t own a car. Though I suppose I could always stick it to my ass while I’m out not enjoying a run.    

Jan 11 2015

Wishful thinking …


Dr. Darling: The sound card in Eliza (our WinDoze netbook) seems to be working again. Shazzer: That’s good. It means we can wait awhile longer to replace the MacBook Air.  Dr. Darling: Why would we need to replace the MacBook Air because of a dead sound card in Eliza? Shazzer: Because you’re looking forward to …

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Jan 06 2015

Predictable insanity


Writing is such a mercurial and occasionally maddening task. How I ended up doing it for a living is a mystery for the ages. Take today, for example. It’s a holiday in Sweden (Epiphany, the one I always forget is an actual day off work) but I’m on a tight deadline for the upcoming issue …

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