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Apr 07 2015

Duty-free is not always about booze

Sweden’s high taxes on alcohol mean we usually swing through the duty-free shops whenever we are passing through a “foreign” airport. This is especially true when we’re in the UK since I’m always interested in trying a new gin and the Swede is a fan of single-malt whisky. But sometimes chocolate wins the day. Because …

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Apr 04 2015

Who says fish & chips isn’t the perfect Easter dinner?

We are in London with friends for Easter Weekend, which included a fantastic day/hike along the coast to the White Cliffs of Dover. Midway we stopped at this lovely seaside pub/fish restaurant … so of course I had to order this classic dish … but with a tomato and cucumber salad in place of the …

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Dec 26 2007

Pecan Pie: Post-Christmas Breakfast of Champions

Think about it.  It’s made with lots of eggs and nuts.  It’s a protein extravaganza! Speaking of protein…there’s a disturbing dietary trend sweeping The Heartland. Evidently the marketing wizards at Kelloggs have decided that protein drinks are no longer the exclusive domain of bodybuilders. They’re pushing a new product called Kelloggs K20, which as you’ve probably surmised from the …

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Jul 28 2006

This bug is no lady.


Lady Bug Invasion Originally uploaded by ShazzerSpeak. So I finally manage to get Dr. Darling down to the beach for a swim on the very day there is an unprecedented invasion of lady bugs along the coast. It was like a scene out of a Hitchcock film. They weren’t a problem while we were actually …

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