Why do you live in Sweden?
The short answer: Because of a Swede.
The long answer: I studied in London while in college and came away from that experience fairly certain that I would live at least a portion of my life abroad. Of course I also imagined that it would be in a country where English is the native language. Oops.

Who is Dr. Darling?
Dr. Darling is an impossibly adorable Swede who holds a Ph.D. in molecular medicine but considers the degree an accident of her education. In addition to being modest about her academic achievements, she’s funny, quick-witted and warm-hearted in a quiet, steady Scandinavian sort of way. She’s thinks the only thing more embarrassing than living with an American is living with a Mac user. She’s also somewhat paranoid about that fact that I chronicle so much of our lives on the internet.

Do you have a real job or do you just blog?
I have a real job in the corporate communications department of an international company headquartered here in Sweden. In my previous life I worked as a radio news anchor, a newspaper reporter and a media relations officer for a major U.S. university.

Are you gay, or what?
I’m not big into labels of any kind, but if you feel you need one for me I prefer “flexible.” (Dr. Darling, on the other hand, is totally gay.)

I have a less-frequently asked question for you.
E-mail me here: info[at]shazzerspeak.com


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