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Nov 09 2012

BuzzFeed nails the best thing about the Dems winning the White House


Four more years of photos of Barack and Michelle Obama being adorable together. Related articles Is Barack and Michelle Obama’s victory embrace the most shared photo ever?

Nov 08 2012

Oh yeah, I cried.


BuzzFeed has put together a collection of inspring images capturing the campaign for Marriage Equality in four U.S. states in the 2012 election. Just try to get through them all without tearing up, I DARE YOU.

Nov 07 2012

NY Times front page Photo: Our First Family


via nytimes.com I am so glad I get to continue watching these girls grow up in the White House.

Oct 29 2012

Absentee voting goes high-tech


This is my third presidential election voting from overseas but the first time I’ve ever been able to cast my ballot by e-mail. (And may I say it’s a pleasure to welcome the Tippecanoe County Board of Elections to the 21st century!)  Of course I still had to request my ballot by good old-fashioned snail-mail, …

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Oct 26 2012

I must kiss you now!


via buzzfeed.com Who cares about that guy in the front row?

Oct 18 2012

I wonder if Jeff Bezos is voting for Mitt Romney?

Amazon Binder 1

Who knew amazon.com could be such a hotbed of timely political satire? Following the 2nd presidential debate in which Mitt Romney mentioned looking through “binders full of women” while staffing his administration as the governor of Massachusetts, one particular binder on amazon.com got a noticeable bump in interest and reviews.  Now it’s hard to imagine …

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Oct 16 2012

The Elizabeth Warren Debate Tutorial


Vice President Joe Biden handled Representative Paul Ryan very deftly last week, but I’m not sure he delivered the kind of knock-out punch that Massachusetts senate candidate Elizabeth Warren landed during her 3rd debate against incumbent opponent Scott Brown. I hope President Obama has had this running in a loop on his iPad for the …

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