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Mar 28 2009

Why do I never end up in THIS airport secuity line?


Because I’d be content to stand in a queue behind Patrick Dempsey ALL DAY LONG.  

Nov 22 2008

Technology Rocks!!!

It's just now noon and I'm already checked in and holding a boarding pass for my 3:30 flight to Chicago thanks to SAS's internet check-in option.  I didn't think it was available for international flights to the U.S., but I'm so glad I was wrong. This means I have a lot more time to get …

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Jul 20 2008

To hell with luggage limits!

I’ve been thinking about this new U.S. airline industry strategy of charging customers to check their luggage, which in my experence, most savvy flyers avoid doing anyway. Business travellers and backpackers alike know how much more quickly you can get in and out of an airport if you limit yourself to a carry-on. (Not to …

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May 20 2008

Roadtrip Recap Twitter-style

I was going to write up a summary of our recent vacation in Switzerland/Germany/Austria when I realized I'd already done it…while it was happening. What follows are highlights taken directly from my Twitter timeline…which appears in the left-hand sidebar of ShazzerSpeak. But folks who read this blog via e-mail (i.e. most of my family and …

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Feb 24 2007

The long way home…


I’m beginning to think that there’s just no way for me to get home from Stockholm in under six hours regardless of which mode of transportation I take. Last night’s journey was a doozy, though not because of the weather which was still causing delays and cancellations at Copenhagen’s airport.  No, my flight to Malmö …

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Nov 28 2006

Misery, thy name is head-cold at 30,000 feet

Fear not faithful readers!  I’m not dead.  But there were moments during the flight when I wished it were so. Our whirlwind 10 day visit in the U.S. included a HUGE Thanksgiving reunion in Akron, Ohio, where several small children had runny noses and were kind enough to pass along the bug to both Dr. …

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Nov 18 2006

Clearly I’m NEVER too tired to eat or shop…

Greetings from the Heartland, where Dr. D and I have been nothing if not efficient!  As of noon today and we'd already been to Super Target (for Einstein's jalapeno bagels and pepperjack cheese), to Krispy Kreme for a free sample donut and coffee, and to Super Walmart to stock up on all the usuals…over-the-counter cold medicine, Smucker's All …

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