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Feb 01 2011

Bacon as “gateway meat” for vegetarians

Download this gallery (ZIP, undefined KB) via npr.org Check out the link above for a really interesting NPR article about the lure of bacon to even hardcore vegetarians. I can't blame them really.  But I still wish them luck in resisting because the less bacon they eat, the more for us avowed carnivores!

Jun 02 2010

“We’re down with B.L.T.!”

Today marked the first really warm spring day we've had in weeks, and since building rules don't allow is to grill on the balcony of The Penthouse Nordic, we did the next best thing…bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches. Dr. Darling and I have their preparation down to a highly choreographed science. I fry the bacon …

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Nov 21 2009

For Bacon Mountain’s Majesty

If you're not hungry now, there's something very wrong with you.

Oct 09 2009

FL Congressman Alan Grayson is my hero

This week my favorite member of Congress reminded his Democratic colleagues that Americans did not elect Olympian Snow president, and then he scolded the Republicans for their obstructionism, claiming that if Barack Obama ate a BLT for lunch tomorrow, the GOP would try to ban bacon. THAT would surely get the public’s attention.

Mar 04 2009

Just add lettuce, tomatoes and toast!

I MUST get my hands on this, even though it has the potential to be very, VERY dangerous.   Original Entry

Jan 30 2009

Super snacks for the Super Bowl

I'm not sure which group would be more charmed by this masterpiece of edible kitsch …football fans or junk food junkies. Click the link for step-by-step instructions for how to build it.  My favorite step?  The one that involves bacon, of course! STEP 7 – The Bacon Wall The bacon wall is the most important …

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Dec 24 2008

Ode to bacon on Flickr is making me hungry!

It's all I really want for Christmas.  Wall of Bacon (via stuartzero)   Original Entry

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