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May 03 2015

When Beyoncé love knows no bounds


Back when I used to watch American Idol, I remember being surprised when Todrick Hall got dinged in Season 9. Okay, I take that back. By that time I was used to seeing the most talented contestants get voted off way too early in the competition … it was the main reason I quit watching the …

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Jul 07 2013

Who cares what it smells like …


… when the ad looks like this. Evidently this is the print advert for Beyoncé‘s new perfume. Hat-tip to the Alpha Geek for sending me the image. (There was no need for me to answer his question about whether or not I was “in heat.”)

May 10 2013

Beyoncé’s H&M ads will do one of two things for me this Spring …

And neither one of them involves shopping at H&M, if you know what I mean.

Apr 07 2013

“Put a ring on it” Beyoncé is still my favorite Beyoncé


This Pepsi commercial has Beyoncé looking into a mirror and seeing earlier versions of herself. But for me, the part that requires the greatest suspension of disbelief is her selection of a regular Pepsi over a sugar-free one. Related articles Beyoncé Battles Beyoncé In A New Pepsi Commercial Beyonce’s Pepsi ‘Mirrors’ #BeyHereNow Commercial, Previews ‘Grown …

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Feb 12 2013

Beyonce biljett BUST


For the non-Swedes, “biljett” is Swedish for “ticket.”  And in this one case, my love of alliteration trumps my need for you to know what I’m talking about in the title of this post. Last week I mentioned that I thought I might try to score some tickets to see Beyonce when she performs in Copenhagen …

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Feb 06 2013

Like she really needs to advertise?


Okay, so I seem to be on a bit of a Beyonce jag at the moment, but that’s largely because she’s been in the news so much lately. (It’s not my fault that both the Presidential Inauguration and the Super Bowl both happen to occur within a few weeks of each other.) And then I …

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Feb 04 2013

Oh yeah, she brought it.


Seems like Beyonce had a little something to prove following the “Inaugural Lip-Sync Scandal”.  Like it even matters what she sounds like when she looks like this doing it.   Related articles So What? Beyonce Lip Synced! 2 Lessons From the Fact the Beyonce Lip Synced Super Bowl halftime shows: Help us choose the best …

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