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Sep 05 2010

Sunny Saturday photo tour

Today was one of those incredibly beautiful early fall days that just begs you to be outdoors soaking up as much of the light and warmth of the sun as possible. So Dr. Darling  loaded up a couple of bike bags with our trusty tarp, camera gear, extra jackets (but stupidly, no coffee) and headed …

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Sep 13 2009

Lofoten Island Tour: Souvenirs and Scary Hotels

When we last left our idiot intrepid cycle tourers Shazzer and Dr. Darling, they had just spent two days staying out of the rain in a cozy sea cabin in the Lofoten Islands in northern Norway.¬† Had they known what they were in for the next night, they probably would have stayed put! It was …

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Aug 28 2009

Rain-riding is not my forte

Cozy "seahouse" in Lyngvaer   Being out in the elements is both the blessing and the curse of bike touring. When the weather is good, it's an amazing way to travel. When the weather is bad, it can be downright miserable. Prior to losing my right eye, I didn't mind cycling in the rain. As …

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Aug 21 2009

Sometimes Mother Nature wins

I thought sleeping in a tent in the rain would be the low-light of the trip…but it turns out that wind is much worse. I learned this on our 2nd night out when our campsite was buffeted by rolling bursts of high winds from the sea. And this was unlike any wind I’ve ever experienced …

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Aug 19 2009

Bike Boat between islands.

Mobile post sent by Shazzer using Utterli.  Replies.

Aug 19 2009

Riding the Lofoten Islands, AKA The Chasing the Sun Tour


First off, this place is STUNNING. Any photograph you’ve seen does not do it justice…even under the cloud we’ve been trying to outrun for two days. Dr. Darling¬†has already shot over 100 photos…there is literally something spectacularly scenic around every turn.   The weather, on the other hand, has been a bit dicey. We got …

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Aug 16 2009

And the journey begins…

I’m tapping this entry out from the lower berth of our tiny cabin on the “Crown of Scandinavia.” We’re on the first leg of the trip that will take us to the Lofoten Islands in Norway for a much-anticipated 10-day cycling tour. The ship has free wifi, but only on the deck directly above us, …

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