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Jun 26 2015

A milestone birthday deserves a milestone gift


Dr. Darling is marking a significant birthday today. Note my very intentional use of the word “marking” instead of “celebrating.” Let’s just say it’s one of those birthdays that ends in zero that women typically don’t like to talk about. Actually, I don’t think men like to talk about it much, either. In any case, …

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Jun 26 2013

A birthday gift for the ages


Dr. Darling and I are super lazy about giving each other presents. Part of this stems from the fact that the Swede just doesn’t think birthdays (hers or anyone else’s) are that big of a deal, and I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t even know when Christmas was if the media or myself weren’t constantly pointing out. The other …

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Jul 07 2012

Pitch-perfect birthday greeting


Wednesday of this past week marked my f … let’s just say … a very significant birthday, and Dr. Darling woke me up with breakfast-in-bed in the traditional Swedish fashion, except that she substituted Walker’s Shortbread Fingers for birthday cake. Yes, you read that right … Swedes seem to think it’s best to eat your …

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Jul 05 2006

Birthday Hang-Over…


I have a hang-over today, but not the kind that follows a night of too many adult beverages.  It’s the emotional kind that comes from surviving the Swedish version of favorite American holidays and traditions…in this case Independence Day, which also happens to be my birthday. Next to Christmas, which is always hard to do …

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Jun 27 2006

“Quitcher belly-achin’ already!”

Yesterday was Dr. Darling‘s birthday, and I’m proud to announce that for once…and possibly the first time ever in our relationship…I actually gave her a combination of gifts that she really liked. This is truly a monumental accomplishment for me, because it has the potiential to put an end to the near constant teasing and ridicule …

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Jun 23 2005

Midsommar’s Eve Eve?

As noted earlier in this blog, the Summer Solstice occurred EVERYWERE IN THE WORLD except Sweden on June 21st. But Swedes, who seem to think there’s no point in celebrating a holiday unless it’s part of a three day weekend, always *move* this astronomical occurrence to the Saturday closest to June 21st … and then …

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