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Apr 13 2012

These BLT-flavored chips are commanding me to find them


I haven’t seen these in Sweden yet, but THEY WILL BE MINE.

Jun 02 2010

“We’re down with B.L.T.!”

Today marked the first really warm spring day we've had in weeks, and since building rules don't allow is to grill on the balcony of The Penthouse Nordic, we did the next best thing…bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches. Dr. Darling and I have their preparation down to a highly choreographed science. I fry the bacon …

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May 29 2008

God’s gift to sandwiches


NOTE: I had to replace the original photo of MY sandwich with a Wikipedia image dure to the site where it was stored going dark. Behold my rendition of what I honestly believe is the most perfect sandwich in the world. Yes, I’m speaking of the BLT. Why is the simple combination of bacon, lettuce and …

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Sep 22 2007

Overdue R&R Weekend

It's been a wonderfully relaxing Saturday…just what we both needed after battling colds, bad weather and long work days all week. Dr. Darling and I had a delightfully lazy morning, followed by some errand-running in gorgeous sunshine this afternoon. We started at Malmö's amazing public library because I needed to replace the library card I …

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