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Aug 30 2014

My invitation probably got lost in the mail …


So my girl A.J. finally married her partner of 10 years and father of her six children last weekend. France is an easy trip from Sweden, but I was hosting American family members at the time and wouldn’t have been able to attend anyway. 😛 But rather than be happy for two of their strongest allies, …

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Jan 12 2012

Jolie 2016

As an Obama supporter, this edition of the Gratuitous Angelina Jolie shot (a regular feature of this blog) pings several of my brain’s pleasure centers at the same time. I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking my beloved AJ looks really comfortable in the series of pap photos shot during her recent visit to …

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Jun 11 2009

Russians’ lead feet warmed by Brad Pitt

It seems that police in Siberia have come up with a novel way to get speeding drivers to slow down. According to this news item in the Idaho Statesman, cardboard cutouts of Brad Pitt dressed in a traffic cop's uniform are being credited with reducing the number of accidents at some of the most dangerous …

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Sep 18 2008

100,000 more reasons not to hate Brad Pitt

From the L.A. Times: Brad Pitt donating $100,000 to fight gay marriage ban Actor Brad Pitt announced Wednesday that he’s donating $100,000 to fight California’s Proposition 8, a November ballot initiative that would eliminate same-sex couples’ right to marry in that state. Dammit! Every time Brad does something like this it makes it harder for …

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Jul 25 2008

Knox and Viv: Test Tube Twins?

“Jolie apparently didn’t want to deal “with the stress of trying to get pregnant,” otherwise known as HAVING SEX WITH BRAD PITT.” – Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt used in vitro to conceive twins – Celebrities – NJ.com Personally, I would have had no problem at least going through the motions of trying to get …

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May 21 2008

The pic that turned Jezebel commenters into a warm puddle of goo

This photo of a spectacularly pregnant Angelina Jolie and partner Brad Pitt (in Cannes) turned the routine snark-fest perpetuated by the incredibly clever commenters at Gawker Media's Jezebel blog into a virtual admiration society. (And I'm not saying that just because I happen to be one of them.) As a long-time and unabashed fan of …

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Mar 26 2008

Obama related to Pitt, Clinton to Jolie

This may explain why they allegedly argued over her support of John Edwards. Obama related to Pitt, Clinton to Jolie    Original Entry

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