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Mar 06 2009

Guess what the Easter Bunny is bringing this year?

Of course mine would probably need to have an asterisk added with the following caveat: *mostly from a distance, but it still hurt like hell!!!   Original Entry

Feb 20 2009

71% of Americans want Bush investigated

Image by Getty Images via Daylife The groundswell of public support for investigating the Bush Administration for likely potential criminal misuse of the U.S. Justice Department is growing every day. Here’s hoping it soon reaches the point where the Obama Administration can’t ignore it any longer. Granted, Barack has a ton on his plate at …

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Feb 18 2009

Top 10 Turds in the Oval Office Punchbowl

Historians Rank Bush in the Top 10 of America’s Worst Presidents Personally, I don’t understand why he isn’t No. 1 (as in 43). Related articles from Zemanta Historians Rank the Presidents (politicalwire.com) CSPAN survey, best and worst presidents ever (dailykos.com)   Original Entry

Aug 07 2008

Did you vote for Bush? Pay up!

Mark Morford has a great column in the SF Gate that suggests some ways that Bush voters can begin to make amends for saddling the world with 8 years of dangerous incompetence in the White House. Among the gems: …the sooner you realize that the world is, in fact, not America’s bitch, that it’s actually …

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Aug 06 2008

This bumper sticker would SO be on my car if I owned one…

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Aug 01 2008

Even Republicans Don’t Want to be Associated with the GOP

From AlterNet: More Republicans decide that they don’t have time for their own convention. Is anybody actually surprised?   Original Entry

Jul 21 2008

The George W. Bush Sewage Plant is one step closer to reality!

This is just brilliant. There’s a grassroots movement in a northern California municipality to rename a wastewater treatment plant in commemoration of Dubya’s 8-year reign of shit on the country. Isn’t America great?!

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