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Oct 03 2015

Lovely look at Sweden year-round


Sometimes I still can’t believe I actually live here. A year in Sweden from Sweden on Vimeo. Related articles Great view of my Swedish home city by bike Volvo’s version of Sweden in winter will stir your soul

Jul 15 2015

Birds-of-a-feather scare together

You can’t really tell by this photo, but this eagle-shaped thing is basically a small kite that’s strung from a tall fiberglass pole mounted in a large planter near the outdoor seating for one of Malmö’s newest cafés, Condeco. Evidently this cute little kite is very threatening to real birds because it’s quite effective in …

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Dec 27 2006

Farty McRipperton rides again!

Evidently cutting the cheese in confined spaces is a sure-fire way to end up in the news. First there was the woman who forced an American Airlines flight into an emergency landing by lighting matches to cover the stench of her gas problem, and now there’s a guy in Nebraska facing a felony assault charge for …

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Jul 28 2006

This bug is no lady.


Lady Bug Invasion Originally uploaded by ShazzerSpeak. So I finally manage to get Dr. Darling down to the beach for a swim on the very day there is an unprecedented invasion of lady bugs along the coast. It was like a scene out of a Hitchcock film. They weren’t a problem while we were actually …

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Nov 23 2005

My Mom would be so proud!

There was an item on my friend Nicole’s blog this morning in which she had taken some sort of quiz about what she would most likely go to jail for…and the result was “Stalking Angelina Jolie“. Given that I’m been semi-obsessed with AJ since long before the general public even knew who she was, I figured …

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