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Aug 30 2011

Starbucks to add two more stores in Sweden, only tourists will care

Based on the success of Sweden’s ONLY Starbucks Coffee shop. which opened at Arlanda International Airport in Stockholm just last year, the US coffee giant has announced it will open shops in the Gothenburg and Malmö train stations.  I can’t really speak with any authority on how smart of a business decision this is for Gothenburg, but I won’t …

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Feb 01 2010

“Coffee, tea or me?”

One of my other not-widely-publicized New Year’s Resolutions was to cut back on my coffee consumption. I realize this borders on sacrilege for a naturalized Swede, but after spending three weeks in the US drinking the equivalent of hot water that had been stirred with a brown crayon, it seemed like a good time to …

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May 04 2008

When the cat’s away…the mice eat sushi!

Dr. Darling’s Mom is down for the weekend and the two of them made a rather spur-of-the-moment decision this morning to go to Copenhagen. I’m still dealing with the remnants of the Spring Cold from Hell and decided to pass on the excursion. I’m also in the midst of proofreading a doctoral thesis for a …

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Apr 23 2008

Caffeine kick: short shots are better than ‘big gulps’

Caffeine jump-starts the body and sharpens the mind. But studies suggest that we Yanks are doing it wrong. For optimal brain gain, regular tea breaks, as favored in the UK, are more effective than a 20-ounce French roast sucked down at Starbucks in lieu of breakfast. Caffeinate With Care: Small Shots Do a Brain Better …

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Apr 10 2008

Gawker smart-asses share my opinion of Starbucks coffee

Talk about serious vindication! Starbucks Geniuses To Stop Burning Coffee, Change World Forever   (Of course I had to comment!)   Original Entry

Apr 03 2008

More justification for my java habit!

New research suggests that coffee may cut the risk of dementia by blocking the damage cholesterol can inflict on the body. Daily caffeine ‘protects brain’ (Lord knows my brain needs all the protecting it can get!)   Original Entry

Mar 16 2008

Starbucks, completely unavoidable

So while yesterday’s stop at Starbucks was intentional (we were looking to score a free wifi connection), this morning’s patronage is due to the fact that nothing more ‘local’ was open. Turns out Sweden isn’t the only EU country where merchants sleep late on Sunday mornings.So we’re killing time before church starts in by far …

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