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Nov 08 2015

13 years later, Sweden discovers Half & Half


It has always amused me that “The Land of 9 Different Grades of Cream” has nothing resembling my beloved Half & Half in its grocery store dairy cases. I basically had to mix up my own version until I switched to heavy whipping cream in my coffee in the summer of 2014. But recently, the …

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Aug 28 2015

My Oreo Cup Runneth Over


A couple of weeks ago, I read with GREAT interest a flurry of online articles about the release of a new limited-edition flavor of Oreo cookie called “Brownie Batter.” Being a BIG fan of both the original Oreo cookie and brownie batter (I honestly can’t remember the last time I made brownies that actually¬†ended up …

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May 22 2015

Because everything is bigger in the U.S.

Just when I didn’t think Peanut M&Ms could get any better. A photo posted by Shazzer (@shazzersnaps) on May 21, 2015 at 3:17am PDT

Nov 19 2014

The scale’s got my number

Over the past 4.5 months, my fitness mentors, informal nutrition advisors, Team Sopherocious members & personal cheerleaders have all (wisely & rightly) advised me to ignore the scale. After all, weight-loss is only one of numerous ways to measure the effectiveness of a work-out regimen and/or healthy diet. But when Dr. Darling and I started …

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Nov 07 2014

Move over, Nutella.


It’s been a good run for Nutella in the U.S., but I think its reign as the premier “How-to-get-away-with-eating-chocolate- for-breakfast” spread is about to end. Now I will be the first to admit that I seem to be one of the few people in the world who is not all that crazy about Nutella … …

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Feb 04 2014

So sayeth the Swedish sous chef


Dr. Darling will tell you herself that she’s not much of a cook, but she can follow a recipe with the precision of a Swiss watch-maker and has picked up a few things from living with me for the last 10 years. Most nights we cook together. I¬†work with the protein (she’s a little squeamish …

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May 26 2013

Free-standing, frozen and dangerous


Swedes have a weird relationship with ice cream. They eat a ton of it, especially in the spring and summer months, but it’s the frozen novelties (what Americans would call “kid stuff”) that are the most popular. The “regular” ice cream available in the grocer’s freezer is singularly unimpressive, which has always surprised me given …

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