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Sep 27 2011

I would totally have missed my train for this

I’m a sucker for flash mobs and symphony orchestras and Ravel’s Bolero, all of which makes it extra lame that I missed this performance in my own backyard last spring. Friends and family members who have visited me in Sweden will recognize Copenhagen‘s Central Train Station. Enjoy. Related articles Copenhagen Philharmonic Flash Mob (VIDEO): Symphony …

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Oct 09 2010

Remind me to never have an illicit affair…

Because today I sent a text message to the wrong person. Not once…but twice. Like most of the texting I do, the message was perfectly innocuous. I was getting ready to meet up with a couple of American pals for coffee, and instead of asking *them* where they were, I asked the Alpha Geek. The …

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Sep 30 2009

Two Big O’s invade Denmark

Michelle Obama arrived in Denmark today to help sell Chicago to the International Olympic Committee as the site of the 2016 Games. And while "official" Copenhagen is delighted to be hosting the First Lady, along with Oprah Winfrey and eventually the President himself on Friday, Jens Q. Publik is not as enthusiastic. Not surprisingly, the …

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Sep 27 2009

Behold the power of the tweet


When it comes to Twitter, I find that people tend to fall into two camps: those who “get it” and those who don’t. And the folks who “get it” are often torn as to how hard we should try to convince the “don’ts” of what they’re missing. The service is kind of challenging to explain …

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Jul 11 2008

iPhone3G camp-out in Copenhagen

Clearly these Dane were taking the iPhone3G queuing process VERY seriously.  (Note the 6-pack of Carlsberg in the folding chair on the left!) I'm completely GREEN with envy and will need to muster all of my inner resources to keep my promise to Dr. Darling that would not buy one for at least six months …

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Jul 13 2007

Dr. Darling, Ph.D Postal Carrier

My chronically over-qualified Swede has finally found an employer willing to ignore her education…though she had to go to Denmark in order to do it. Starting July 30th she will be gainfully employed at a company that delivers business-to-business and direct mail marketing material in Copenhagen…by bike.┬áNot exactly the best use of her advanced degree …

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Jun 02 2007

Let’s Ride!

Fortunately my brother's ability to cover a coastline in fog does not seem to extend to Denmark. We cycled all over Copenhagen under sunny skies on Thursday before meeting some friends for dinner.  We all initially felt guilty about ordering hamburgers at the pub my Copenhagen pals chose for the meal…but they turned out to …

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