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Apr 17 2015

Imaginary hospitality


Dr. Darling and I have a long-running joke between us in which we both casually make references to (what I HOPE is) her imaginary girlfriend. The idea is to out-cheek each other, and we’ve gotten pretty good at it over the years if today’s round is any indication. It started when the Swede won her office’s “there-are-too-many-people-on-the-schedule” lottery this …

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Apr 02 2012

Fika explained by a Swede

This English-language ad for Gevalia coffee is a nice example of Swedish humor. The brand itself is actually a lot more popular in the US than it is here in Sweden. Johan is their current hunky spokesperson and featured in a whole series of ads that you can watch on YouTube. I think he’s supposed to …

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Feb 17 2012

Starbucks invades Malmö C

This post is dated February 17 because that’s the date I actually attended the event described. But it wasn’t posted until February 22 at the request of the friend and brand new barista who invited me to said event. (I suspect the “pre-opening social media blackout” rule only applied to Starbucks employees, but whatever.) So …

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Apr 02 2011

Who knew The Queen was a choco-holic?

Turns out there is a second cake being served up at this month’s Royal Wedding, much to the relief of any self-respecting Yankee who happens to be invited. Prince William has requested a “Chocolate Biscuit Cake” as the Groom’s Cake, and it turns out it is actually a favorite of his grandmother’s…so much so that …

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Feb 12 2011

In the Scone Zone

Copenhagen‘s only Ph.D mail-carrier works every other Saturday, which kind of sucks. But I try to make the most of the time on my own by doing a few chores (laundry, mostly), making fried eggs over-easy for breakfast (the Swede can’t even watch me eat them) and over-dosing on history programs via The Discovery Channel …

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Aug 12 2007

Do we know how to have fun, or what?

Dr. Darling and I spent most of the weekend getting The Penthouse-Nordic ready for the next wave of company from the U.S., which begins one Thursday of this week. Until she started her new job as a Copenhagen's 1st Ph.D postal carrier, the Swede handled most of the household chores during the week, and good gawd …

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Oct 09 2006

Baptism by caffeine deprivation…


We attended our neice’s christening in Halmstad on Saturday. This was my 2nd such event since moving to Sweden and I’m happy to report that I understood a lot more of the service this time than I did two years ago when our nephew was “dipped.”  (The Swedish word for baptism is “dop”, so my use …

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