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Sep 29 2015

Kim Davis goes Gilbert & Sullivan

This brilliant parody set to the tune of “I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General” will appeal to all the word geeks and musical theater lovers among my 14 faithful readers. It’s pretty much perfectly perfect. But somehow I doubt Rowan County Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis would get it.

Aug 15 2015

Her turn to take one for the team


Titanium wedding rings have been in the news lately, and based on the image that NPR chose to use with their article (click the photo read it), I’m guessing there has been a surge in their popularity connected to same-sex marriage. And if this is indeed the case, it means that for once in our lives, Dr. …

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Jul 06 2015

The USWNT & Marriage Equality win the World Cup


It’s probably going to take me awhile to recover from the FIFA Women’s World Cup tournament. Not just because the U.S. won it for the first time since 1999, but because I’ve had to keep such wacky hours in order to catch the matches live in Canadian time on Swedish TV. Euphoric AND sleep-deprived is a really weird combination, …

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Jun 26 2015

A milestone birthday deserves a milestone gift


Dr. Darling is marking a significant birthday today. Note my very intentional use of the word “marking” instead of “celebrating.” Let’s just say it’s one of those birthdays that ends in zero that women typically don’t like to talk about. Actually, I don’t think men like to talk about it much, either. In any case, …

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Apr 30 2015

Well done, Wells Fargo.


This ad for financial planning from Wells Fargo makes me want to bank there, and I hate banks. Plus, with the U.S. Supreme Court mulling the constitutionality of same-sex marriage at the moment, the timing is beyond perfect. Whatever agency came up with this deserves a big bonus. Related articles This Wells Fargo Commercial Will Make You Feel …

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Jan 09 2015

Because gays are customers, too


Some parts of the internets are going gaga over the new Tiffany’s print ad featuring a real (though conventionally gorgeous) same-sex couple. While I am always grateful for the acknowledgement of gay people’s lives in mainstream media, make no mistake that this is about reaching out to a pool of customers that in many cases …

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Aug 30 2014

My invitation probably got lost in the mail …


So my girl A.J. finally married her partner of 10 years and father of her six children last weekend. France is an easy trip from Sweden, but I was hosting American family members at the time and wouldn’t have been able to attend anyway. 😛 But rather than be happy for two of their strongest allies, …

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