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Dec 19 2015

I’m not alone in my Star Wars shunning!


A good friend of mine who is married to a self-confessed Star Wars nerd (who is also a good friend of mine) recently confessed to having never seen any of the Star Wars movies. The subject came up when she asked me if Dr. Darling or I were interested in seeing the new film with her husband, …

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Oct 20 2012

A space shuttle journey down memory lane


I was an impressionable grade-schooler with an uncle in the US Air Force when the Apollo program was in full-swing, and I was fascinated by it.  I vividly remember watching Neil Armstrong‘s first moonwalk (from the ER of a Detroit hospital after a bike accident) and I did several pencil drawings of the evolving lunar …

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May 22 2012

This Segway-esque skateboard is officially on my Wish List

This electric skateboard, called a ZBoard, is weight-sensing like a Segway, and it’s very conveniently going to be available just in time for my birthday!

Jan 10 2012

Guess what? Girls beat guys in gadget-buying

One of my favorite tech blogs, Mashable, is reporting a recent consumer study showing that when it comes to mobile phones, laptops and tablet computers (three of the top four consumer electronics categories), women are more likely than men to be making the purchase. Not only that, but ladies use the gadgets they buy much …

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Jan 03 2012

New Year’s Resolutions I might actually keep…

So, in addition to being a more active blogger on this site, I have also committed to my three standard New Year’s Resolutions, which in the past have generally been kept until late January, mid-February or (at best) early March. Why do I think 2012 will be any different? Because hope springs eternal, after all! Standard …

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Apr 23 2011

“Bunnysuits” for Big People

OnePiece in Malmö!

My family has always referred to blanket sleepers (AKA one-piece footed pajamas for infants and toddlers) as “bunnysuits”. I’m pretty sure the name was coined when my brother was a baby, and his first blanket sleeper happened to have a bunny on it. (Probably a hand-me-down from one of his three older sisters.) I remember …

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Feb 25 2010

Who’s the Big Geek now?

Last week I made fun of Dr. Darling for watching Olympic cross-country skiing (on TV) and curling (on the netbook) at the same time. BIG MISTAKE. Turns out I had no room to talk, because tonight I’m watching Olympic curling (on TV) and President Obama’s Bipartisan Meeting On Health Reform (on my MacBook) at the …

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