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Sep 03 2009

We have no business being together


Recently one of our “classic” cable TV networks began airing nightly episodes of possibly my all-time favorite series from the late 80’s – early 90’s, LA Law. And since there’s virtually nothing else to watch until the new fall season gets underway (which seems to happen later and later every year), Dr. Darling has offered …

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Jul 30 2009

T’was the night before iPhone…

when all through the flat, there's no chance of Shazz sleeping, Be counting on that!       (Click the title for your very own "Christmas in July.")

Jul 28 2009

Holy App Attack, Batman!

For those keeping track…the official countdown to my first-ever iPhone is T-minus 3 days and I freely admit that I am embarrassingly excited about it. In preparation for its arrival, I spent some time cruising around the App Store over the weekend. I've read a lot of stories about how overwhelming the experience can be …

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Mar 04 2009

The G33K in me just LOVES this

Pirate Bay accused does remote sysadmin from courtroom during closing arguments – Boing Boing Because, you know, Sweden, being one of the most “wired” countries in the world, naturally has internet access for defendents in it courtrooms.   Original Entry

Mar 12 2008

The new two-laptop minimum

From the Dept. of Help Me Justify Another Expensive Gadget comes this article via a ComputerWorld blog: Smart mobile professionals now have a two-laptop minimum The only question is…will Dr. Darling buy it?   Original Entry

Jun 21 2007

Matt’s dancing badly in Stockholm tonight! (Twice!)

Last month¬†I wrote about being mesmerized by a Swedish travel¬†company commercial that featured a backpacking tourist dancing (badly) at various locations and landmarks around the world. Since then I’ve been following American Matt Harding‘s travels via his website, and even signed up to be notified of opportunities to dance badly with him should he be …

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May 24 2007

From the “I need to get a real life” department

I was planning to take a pass on blogging about the weirdest research story in the current news cycle, even though jet-lag is a regular feature of my life as an ex-pat.  I mean, there are at least a dozen jokes I could make about the potential problems that could "arise" from pilots pepped up on …

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