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Jan 10 2012

Guess what? Girls beat guys in gadget-buying

One of my favorite tech blogs, Mashable, is reporting a recent consumer study showing that when it comes to mobile phones, laptops and tablet computers (three of the top four consumer electronics categories), women are more likely than men to be making the purchase. Not only that, but ladies use the gadgets they buy much …

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Feb 23 2011

Pitcher Justine Siegal 1st woman to throw batting practice for a MLB team

As the only girl on my own Little League baseball team many (MANY) years ago, this gives me a big case of the “warm fuzzies.” WAY TO GO, TRIBE!

Jul 12 2010

Who’s the man?

Shazz: Look at you, stretched out on the couch, shirtless with one hand tucked in the waist of your pants, farting relentlessly. You’re such a guy sometimes. Dr. D: Like you’re so different. Shazz: I never have my hand in my pants. Dr. D: And that’s the most offensive part of this scenario? Shazz: You …

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Jun 02 2008

The Onion: Women choosing dead-end careers over dead-end relationships

Another classic from "America's Finest News Source": “Avoiding dying alone at all costs is no longer the primary goal for many of today’s women,” Dr. Detweiller said. “Every year, millions of educated females discover that they can be just as underappreciated and ignored in the workplace as they can while doting on loutish and inattentive …

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May 03 2008

From the Domestic Goddess Dept.

According to LiveScience.com: Men Create More Housework for Women So then why is it that The Penthouse-Nordic usually looks like a dump unless we’re expecting company?   Original Entry

Apr 01 2008

From the Dept. of “No Shit, Sherlock”

Shocking revelations from the Indiana University Department of Psychological Sciences! Evidently a newly released study shows that men often perceive more sexual interest from women than the ladies are actually conveying. Here’s a link to the story on Slashdot, where the comments are as entertaining as the article itself: Study Shows Males Commonly Mistake Sexual …

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Feb 20 2008

I can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan…

According to a fascinating article currently posted on AlterNet, “the idea that liberated women don’t prepare food — because they are too busy having sex and building their careers — is just plain wrong.” As someone who never really bothered to cook much until I was doing it for two, I found this really interesting. …

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