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Sep 27 2015

Duct tape 1, IKEA 0


Anybody who’s ever assembled a piece of IKEA furniture will appreciate this video featuring actor Ryan Reynolds. I take this as further proof that duct tape can pretty much solve any kind assembly or repair problem. Maybe IKEA should consider including a small roll of it along with the infinite number of bolt, nuts, screws …

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Feb 16 2011

If IKEA made instructions for Stonehenge

via neatorama.com With the exception of the letter E with two dots over it (which does not exist in the Swedish language), I'd say this was pretty accurate!

Jan 17 2011

“She’s tidied up, and I can’t find anything!”


A regular consequence of a long visit from my mother is that for several weeks after she leaves, I have trouble finding things in my kitchen. Not because my Mom has sticky fingers, but because she doesn’t always put things away in the places where I expect to find them. This is completely understandable given …

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