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Apr 05 2011

Rhode Island looks like Indiana…if its hair was falling out

  Or the back of its head was blown out by a bullet.

Feb 18 2011

Fort Wayne’s proposed Harry Baals Government Center gets The Daily Show Treatment

via thedailyshow.com And I didn’t think this story could get any funnier!

Dec 24 2009

12 Days of Christmas Hoosier-Style!

Final holiday preparations are in full swing and this Christmas medley by a native Indiana a cappella group is a perfect accompaniment!

Nov 06 2008

My new favorite color: Hoosier Blue!

In addition to my joyous relief at the election of Barack Obama as our next president on Tuesday, I and many of my like-minded friends from Indiana were thrilled to see our state go blue for the first time since any of us were old enough to vote.  Indiana, which normally gets placed in the …

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Nov 02 2008

It’s November: Are you ready to vote?

I've already mailed my absentee ballot, but most Americans will be heading to the polls the day after tomorrow. Record turnout and suspected voter suppression tactics in a number of states (including my home state of Indiana) mean that citizens will need to be vigilant, not to mention prepared to wait in long lines. AlterNet …

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Oct 25 2008

Somebody better pinch me…

Because I gotta be dreaming!

Oct 23 2008

Doing my part to turn Indiana Blue

First, I learned almost by accident that I had to renew my voter registration because I’d been mysteriously made inactive since I last voted in 2004. Then I had to call my local election board a 2nd time when my absentee ballot still hadn’t arrived in Sweden 10 days after I’d requested it. So it …

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