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Oct 03 2010

My Super-Swedish Weekend

I’m sitting on the enclosed balcony of Dr. Darling‘s Dad’s 7th floor condo over looking Skrea Strand, a beach near Falkenberg, Sweden. This is a LONG overdue visit…the last time we were here overnight was sometime in 2008. The drought is mostly a timing thing. My father-in-law is a cop and his wife is a …

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Nov 16 2009

Will I ever learn?

Sometime late last spring, my father-in-law told Dr. Darling that he had volunteered to serve as chauffeur for his wife and her best friend who were attending a Cliff Richard concert in Malmö this past weekend. The ladies were making a big “Girls Night Out” of it, including hotel accommodations, and he wanted to know …

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Nov 01 2009

More phone fun

Our plan to torment my father-in-law by rotating unfamiliar male voices for the outgoing message on our oddly-behaving answering machine fell apart late last week when it stopped working altogether, prompting Scandinavia''s most diligently informed consumer to begin researching its replacement. Not surprisingly, Dr. Darling discovered we could get a decent cordless phone/answering machine combo …

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Oct 06 2009

Fun with fathers-in-law


Our answering machine has been behaving badly the last couple weeks. I came home from work one day to find the call indicator light flashing even though there were no messages on it. Initially, I thought maybe the electricity had been out during the day, but then it wouldn’t reset in the usual manner and …

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Aug 09 2009

Preparing for vacation is hard work!

We spent the bulk of this weekend starting to get organized for our upcoming cycling vacation in the Lofoten Islands in Norway. This will be our first tour in a couple of years courtesy last summer's complete and total wash-out, so we're just a little excited about it. Especially Dr. Darling, who is never happier …

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Jun 29 2009

Tech-support with a twist!

This past weekend marked the third one in a row in which we entertained out-of-town guests … not a record by any means, but kind of stressful none-the-less. This is because Dr. Darling, a classic INTJ, is physically exhausted by any kind of prolonged social interaction and I am driven crazy by my in-laws’ unwillingness …

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Oct 24 2008

Hostess with the mostest — NOT!!!

The Swede’s father and his wife are coming down from Falkenberg to stay with us this weekend, and despite coming up with what I thought was a fool-proof game plan, it appears I’ve already lost the battle to be a proper host. Dr. Darling: I just got off the phone with Dad, and he’s insisting …

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