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Aug 08 2013

Vacation mode finally kicks in …


Our 3-week summer vacation started on Monday of this week, but Dr. Darling had been up in Halmstad helping her Mom with some stuff since Saturday night, and I had a few last-minute things to take care of for work that morning, plus a Skype meeting for a national board I’m sitting on Monday night. So …

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Dec 05 2010

Home safe in snowy Sweden

The Swede and I are back in Vikingland after a whirlwind Thanksgiving trip to the US.  We spent about four days in my hometown in northwestern Indiana, four days with extended US family in northeast Ohio, and four days with two of my best friends in New York City. (NYC photos are trickling in to my …

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Nov 22 2010

Howdy from the Heartland

Where it is an unsettling 69 degrees (21C) and very windy. We don’t have any of the right clothes for this kind of weather! The flight to Chicago was long with several bouts of turbulence, one of which was violent enough that the entire flight crew had to be buckled in for what felt like …

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Jan 31 2010

I’m such a bad blogger!

Or at least I have been during January, and consequently, ALL of 2010. In my defense…it’s been kind of a crazy month. I was in the US getting some much-needed face-time with family and friends until the 6th, and then did my usual week of jet-lagging with the added bonus of a weekend bout of …

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Jan 08 2008

So *this* is what it’s like to work full-time…

For awhile there I was afraid I had forgotten how! I returned to the office yesterday for my first full 8-hour day since the surgery, and much to my relief it didn’t feel all that much different from any other time I’ve gone back to work after spending Christmas in the States. In other words, …

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Jan 05 2008

Home safe?

No, the question mark in the entry title is not a typo.  I’m definitely back in Sweden, but The Penthouse-Nordic bears a striking resemblance to an infirmary at the moment. It started last Wednesday night when I got the following text message from Dr. Darling: “I just threw up…while sitting on the can…  😥 ” …

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Jan 08 2006

What three-day weekend?!

Turns out even three-day weekends go by fast when you sleep through 30 of the 72 hours available! And that was just me…Dr. Darling slept a lot more than that.  In fact, she’s zonked out on the couch right now and has been off-and-on for most of the evening. (Okay, most of the weekend, really.) …

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