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Feb 09 2015

Sometimes you get lucky

The recent turn of very cold weather has forced me to break out a pair of gloves for the walk to and from my office. I’m not a real fan of wearing them, mostly because I have to take them off every time I want to do something with my iPhone, which, to my surprise, …

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Sep 23 2009

Kallbadhus conflict…

Last Saturday morning was sunshiney and warm, just begging for us to get outside and enjoy it before the Swedish autumn sets in. To my surprise and delight, Dr. Darling, suggested we go to the kallbadhus (literally translated: cold bathhouse) for a sauna and a dip into the Öresund, followed by a leisurely lie-around in …

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Dec 28 2006

Not quite deja vu

My university (Go Cards!) had a reputation as a “party school” because a significant segment of the student population believed that the weekend started on Thursday afternoon.  Who ever would have guessed that two score later and on the opposite side of the Atlantic ocean, my Swedish mother-in-law would also believe that the weekend starts …

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Jul 11 2006

“Hey, that’s my bike, too (2)!!!”


Just how many bikes is one expected to sacrifice to Malmö’s Central Station anyway?  Ever since my commuting bike was stolen (a mere two weeks ago), I’ve been riding my trusty old Trek 820, AKA “Ol’ Blue”.  This bike is over 15 years old and looks it … plus it’s very small (short frame and 26-inch …

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Jun 30 2006

“Hey, that’s my bike!”

Quick quiz: The title of this post is… A) The name of the band Ethan Hawk’s character was a member of in “Reality Bites“. B) What I’ve been dreaming about shouting at the top of my lungs since Wednesday. C) Both A and B There’s a saying among Malmö residents that you haven’t really lived …

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Apr 26 2006

Of saints and samaritans…

I’m an officer in a local ex-pat club that meets once a month in Malmö, and while I love being part of this group, meeting days are invariably stressful for me.  I am responsible for preparing the agenda for the Board of Directors meeting that immediately precedes the regular club session, and this agenda tends to expand …

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Aug 12 2005

Bad bike-rack etiquette — The Sequel

I am SO bad. When I arrived at Malmö‘s Central Station on Wednesday evening, the bike with the HUGE basket on the front that had so thoroughly pissed me off the day before was once again parked in the same rack as Ole Blue, but slightly down the row of slots and on the other …

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