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Apr 25 2010

You mean I actually have to *watch* the TV?

Our DVR died yesterday, which is slightly worrying because we've got something like 35 hours of movies,  documentaries and British Comedy recorded on it.  Based on the way it's behaving (oddly flashing lights, intermittent fan operation) we're pretty sure the hard-drive is intact, but the tuner/recorder/player is not functioning at all. To my amazement, the …

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Aug 13 2006

MacGuyver Jr. strikes again!


MacGyver Jr. Strikes again Originally uploaded by ShazzerSpeak. It rained off and on all weekend…which was actually kind of a nice change. With it came much cooler temperatures, and I slept like a log Friday night and again last night…and still wanted to nap. But by late Saturday afternoon we were kind of tired of …

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