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Jan 26 2015

2015 MalmöMilen = no longer “optional”


Last summer I ran my very first (and only) 10K race. And I’m using the term “race”  very loosely here. For me, the only race involved was against the event crew responsible for disassembling the finish line timing system. I had been challenged to run it the summer before by my friend and then soon-to-be …

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Jan 13 2015

In case anybody needs a gift idea for me …


  It’s also available as a sweatshirt, coffee mug and a bumper sticker, but I don’t own a car. Though I suppose I could always stick it to my ass while I’m out not enjoying a run. 😛    

Jun 14 2014

Race Day!!!


[Insert Carol Ann from “Poltergeist” impression] “It’s Heeeeeere.” After a year of blood (blisters), sweat and occasional tears, the day of reckoning has finally arrived. Because barring some catastrophic incident (or me just completely wimping out at the last-minute), I will be running in the 2014 MalmöMilen 10k Race in a couple of hours … …

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Apr 27 2014

MalmöMilen registration: check and checkmate


Actual text message conversation from this morning: Shazzer: Guess who just registered for the MalmöMilen? Coach Bad-@$$: Dr. Darling? Shazzer: Well yes, her, too, CHEEKY MONKEY!!! Coach Bad-@$$: 10 burpees to celebrate!!!  Shazzer: You’re killing me,  Coach! I just got back from a run!  Coach Bad-@$$: Haha…that’s amazing! 10 more burpees! Shazzer: I am *literally* laughing out loud! And …

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Mar 15 2014

Meet Coach Bad-@$$, Movie Star


There is a quite a bit of curiosity among some of my American friends and family about my MalmöMilen 2014 mentor and Team Sopherocious namesake, Sophie, AKA “Coach Bad-@$$.” Just who is this woman who has managed to inspire the heretofore Runs-Only-When-Being-Chased Shazzer to actually commit to completing a 10k race, they wonder? Most of my …

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Nov 11 2013

I am running, hear me “Roar”!

I have been wanting to blog about this Katy Perry song for several weeks now, but I hate the “official” video for it so much that I couldn’t bring myself to embed it here. Plus there’s this pesky calf injury that has kept me from running for the past three weeks, so I haven’t actually put …

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Oct 27 2013

Pasta is perfect plank food


It only took 5 months, but Dr. Darling and I were finally able to return the hospitality we enjoyed at our friends Sophie & Matilda’s place last May … though oddly enough, they did not feel compelled to turn up with a broken bottle of Bushwacker chardonnay. How novel! Since then, these two have become pretty …

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