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Mar 23 2006

Boxes, boxes everywhere…and where the hell is my toothbrush?

My apologies for being so lax in updating this week. Work is super busy at the moment and life at home is equally chaotic thanks to the upcoming move. Dr. Darling and I have been packing and hauling stuff over to "The Penthouse – Nordic" every night this week with only a brief break for …

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Mar 19 2006

How much crap can YOU fit into a Toyota Starlet?

However much it is, I’m willing to bet that Dr. Darling and I could give you a run for your money.  We made a total of seven trips to The Penthouse – Nordic over the weekend, plus purchased two dressers at IKEA and hauled those over, too. And considering how small my mother-in-law’s Toyota Starlet …

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Mar 13 2006

Let the hauling begin!

We picked up the keys to “The Penthouse – Nordic” a little after 5 this afternoon and zipped over with our first load of stuff: eight paper grocery bags full of books. This was both a practical and symbolic decision. Practical because while paper grocery bags (with handles, of course)¬†are very good for hauling books, …

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Mar 10 2006

Pushing ‘Casual Friday’ to the limit!

Thanks to the combined circumstances of Laundry Day plus the stack of moving boxes taller than me (which isn’t saying much) that’s blocking my closet at the moment, I ended up wearing blue jeans, a sweatshirt and duckboots to my office today. And because this is Sweden, where every day is "Casual Friday" with regard to accepted business attire, no …

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