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Jan 27 2013

If an ad could convince me to go veggie, this is it


via buzzfeed.com Because I have a thing for maps. And nakedness. Seriously, though, the Swede and I have talked about various ways to dial back our meat consumption this year. And though I can’t see either one of us ever choosing to abandon our carnivorous ways completely,  we are both quite content to eat vegetarian …

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Jul 27 2012

Google’s got my number


Recently my stats-obsessed Swede noticed a bit of an uptick in the number of hits here at ShazzerSpeak and decided to dig a little deeper into the analytics. Turns out that the most common strings of search words pointing visitors to this blog over the past few days are “Patsy & Edina, London, Olympics” and …

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Aug 05 2010

A startling sign of aging

The Swede and I went to the Kallbadhus for an evening sauna and swim tonight. Partly because the weather was so nice and party because our clipcard had two remaining clips on it and was about to expire. The atmosphere was significantly different than the last time we visited. For one thing, there weren’t very …

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Jul 13 2010

My Long Naked Weekend

The unusually hot temperatures have prompted a few adjustments to usual routines at the Penthouse Nordic. For one thing…starting Saturday night…I joined Dr. Darling in sleeping nekkid. Although the Swede swears by it, I've never been able to sleep nude except by accident, if you know what I mean. Then on Sunday morning we made …

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Nov 08 2009

Kallbadhus Reunion

One my favorite former ex-pat pals passed through town on Saturday and had arranged a mini-reunion with those in her former circle still living in Malmö. And because the Kallbadhus experience is something she has been unable to replicate since moving back to the US (even in the Swedish immigrant mecca of Minneapolis, Minnesota), it …

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Sep 23 2009

Kallbadhus conflict…

Last Saturday morning was sunshiney and warm, just begging for us to get outside and enjoy it before the Swedish autumn sets in. To my surprise and delight, Dr. Darling, suggested we go to the kallbadhus (literally translated: cold bathhouse) for a sauna and a dip into the Öresund, followed by a leisurely lie-around in …

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Sep 15 2009

Godparent gig is exhausting for exhibitionists

Dr. Darling and I had the honor and privilege to become Godparents last Saturday afternoon, but our “official” responsibilities actually kicked in a bit earlier than that. My first assignment came mid-week when new Dad (AKA my favorite Alpha G33K) asked me to make ice for the “welcome drink.” All formal and semi-formal Swedish parties …

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