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Jul 15 2008

I want my BPP!!!

Mondays are rarely anyone's favorite day of the week, but yesterday sucked even more than usual when I was greeted with the news that NPR is pulling the plug on my favorite program, The Bryant Park Project.  Granted, the two-hour morning news show was considered an experiment from the start, but it was by all …

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Jun 03 2008

Bessie arrives in Sweden!

Folks reading this on utterz.com know exactly who I’m talking about! But for those reading it on my blog(s), this adorable plush cow talking on a cellphone is the mascot for a fantastic mobile multi-media micro-blogging service called Utterz that’s changing the way I interact with the web. Basically, Utterz makes it simple to get …

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Jun 02 2008

She shoots, she scores!

Of course the fame is VERY fleeting, but I always get a major kick out of seeing one of my comments highlighted on a Gawker media blog. In this case…Gawker itself. Mobile post sent by Shazzer using Utterz. Replies.   Original Entry

May 25 2007

Sometimes you’ve gotta sneak in the backdoor!

So I know I promised I wouldn't blog about every comment I make on Jezebel, but I never said anything about the ones I make on Wonkette!!!  (You'll need to scroll down a ways, it was a particularly thought-provoking entry about an Air Force airman being court-marshalled for participating in a drunken three-way.) It turns …

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May 24 2007

From the “I need to get a real life” department

I was planning to take a pass on blogging about the weirdest research story in the current news cycle, even though jet-lag is a regular feature of my life as an ex-pat.  I mean, there are at least a dozen jokes I could make about the potential problems that could "arise" from pilots pepped up on …

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Apr 27 2007

Tagged: Why I Blog

My blogging buddy The Rat "tagged" me to do an entry about "Why I Blog" over a week ago, and I'm just now getting around to it because, you know, I've got this Master's in Procrastination that has to be used sometime. Part of the delay can be credited to my of initial belief that this would be a …

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Dec 08 2005

Fun with SPAM…

Like most people, I suspect, I barely look at e-mail of unknown origin before deleting it. But for the past year or so I’ve been an officer in a local ex-pat club and as such have a generic club e-mail alias pointing to my personal address.  This alias (let’s call it grandpoobah@expats-r-us.com) is listed on the …

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