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May 13 2015

Too bad we’re not skiing


Dr. Darling and I are heading to the Swiss Alps tomorrow for a highly anticipated long “Training Weekend” organized by Coach Bad-@$$. “Highly anticipated” because #1) it’s the first time we’ve ever road-tripped with the globe-trotting Sonic Youth (AKA Sophie & Mrs. Coach Bad-@$$, Matilda), something we have long wanted to do, B) it’s going …

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Apr 04 2015

Who says fish & chips isn’t the perfect Easter dinner?

We are in London with friends for Easter Weekend, which included a fantastic day/hike along the coast to the White Cliffs of Dover. Midway we stopped at this lovely seaside pub/fish restaurant … so of course I had to order this classic dish … but with a tomato and cucumber salad in place of the …

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Dec 19 2013

USA-bound for the holidays


This will be the last post made on Swedish soil for a while. I’m headed to the Heartland of America to spend Christmas with my family and friends. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time, largely because Dr. Darling is not coming along due to the fact that Post Denmark is a BIG GRINCH. …

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Aug 26 2013

Upping my Swedish cred


One of my favorite moments from our hiking and camping adventure in the moors of the Jämtland Mountains was Dr. Darling‘s declaration that by virtue of doing it, I was *really* Swedish now. Evidently “vandring i fjällen” is considered some kind of “right of passage” in certain circles, and I had crossed the magic threshold. But there were …

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Aug 23 2013

Dasher and Dancer go camping

Ullis with Deer

In the course of planning our recent hiking trip in the moors of the Jämtland Mountains, we were warned repeatedly by many different people about the mosquitos, but no one said anything about the reindeer. It turned out that the near constant wind, combined with chilly night-time temperatures, kept the mosquitoes pretty much at bay. …

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Aug 20 2013

Hiking the Jämtland Triangle


The Swede and I did something different for our summer adventure this year. Instead of a bike tour, we decided to hike the Jämtland Triangle, a series of trails in the moors of the Jämtland mountains. This has been a “Bucket List” item for Dr. Darling and something I was game to try, so we chose this …

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Aug 29 2012

Safari photos are up!


Thanks to Dr. Darling‘s slavish dedication over the past three days, the majority of the photos from our Tanzania trip are now up on Flickr. You can go directly to the photo set by clicking here. I recommend using the side-show option if you have the time and interest (there are just over 500 images …

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