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Jun 20 2013

On the verge of Viking puberty

Best re-tweet ever!

Today marks the 11th anniversary of my move Sweden, which basically puts me on the verge of Viking puberty. It’s also the start of what is essentially just over two-week’s worth of celebratory events for Dr. Darling and myself.  June 20th is the date that the Swede and I have always celebrated as the beginning of …

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May 19 2012

How to be a Swede

As with all great satire, there is more than a little bit of truth going on in this video. I just wish this lady had been my Swedish teacher.  

Mar 11 2012

The Vikings may have gotten it right this time


I have a love/hate relationship with Sweden’s Melodifestivalen, the annual six-week musical showdown to choose the country’s entry to the Eurovision Song Contest. I love Melodifestivalen because it brings so many different kinds of Swedes together at the end of the cold, dark winter.  Families and friends gather on successive Saturday nights in February & …

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Feb 08 2011

“Fruit up your All-Bran” ad may not translate to the US market

English is very commonly used in Swedish advertising since most Swedes have fairly mad skills in the language. But this billboard is a perfect illustration of how critical nuance doesn’t always land with Swedish copywriters.

Jan 14 2011

Forget the wizard…I just want it delivered.

Just last night, I was lamenting the fact that pizza delivery is not commonly offered by restaurants in Sweden. Because not only was I too tired to cook, I was too tired to even go pick a pizza up. This in spite of the fact that we have at least four pizzerias within easy walking …

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Nov 14 2010

Even Sweden’s garbage dumps are hyper-organized

While it’s not quite as bad as Germany, Sweden has some pretty strict rules for how garbage is to be disposed. In addition to encouraging aggressive recycling of paper, cardboard, hard plastic, metal and glass, there’s a ton of stuff that the guys on the municipal sanitation trucks will not take. (Pretty much anything bigger …

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Aug 15 2010

Sweden: Where Good Samaritans go to die

I've always been rather surprised that Dr. Darling, who is in all other ways almost annoyingly hyper-responsible and helpful, does not feel any compunction to share these gifts with strangers. Not only that, but the Swede tends to look at me with a certain amount of exasperation when I do. And this is not peculiar …

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